Our Materials

Fiber and fabric are the substance behind every stitch of Ryllace apparel.

We journey to Inner Mongolia, France, Peru, and beyond, seeking the finest materials. Softness, drape, longevity, sustainability...this is what we strive for. Our chief consideration? Your happiness with the results.


We'll say it: our cashmere is the cashmere of cashmere. And Ryllace cashmere is born in Inner Mongolia, the source of what we consider the finest to be found. The purebred Kashmir goats there are typically combed by hand once a year. Their precious, downy under hair is truly a gift.

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TENCEL Lyocell

TENCEL Lyocell is popular for its luster, its softness, its fluid drape. Made from fast-growing, renewable eucalyptus trees, it uses closed-loop production that requires less water and energy. Find it in our flattering knit and supersoft micro terry.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals. Methods such as crop rotation, organic fertilizers, and beneficial insects make it possible. It's about what you want against your skin, and what you don't: softness yes, chemicals no.

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Don't think wool, think Merino wool. Soft as it is warm, merino also helps regulate body temperature naturally by conveying sweat away as vapor. It even helps cancel out odors caused by bacteria.

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Linen is one of the oldest textiles on earth. Ours is among the finest, as it comes from extra-long fibers of pure flax, organically sourced whenever possible. Breathable and comfortable in warm weather, linen has excellent color fastness and is naturally antibacterial.

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We've chosen Mulberry, an especially luxurious silk, for its refined finish and durability. Its name originates with the Mulberry tree leaves the silkworms munch on. Silk is also hypoallergenic (and that's nothing to sneeze at).

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