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The weather may be looking up, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to warm up. The Cashmere Wrap is the ultimate accessory in any season. Here are a few ways we love to wear it:

For daytime, day trips, and date night

A natural colored plus size linen dress

We’ve all been there... It’s gorgeous outside and you dress accordingly: a breezy, light-as-air top and, maybe, a pair of sandals? But then you step into a car, your office or a restaurant, and suddenly it’s an entirely different story. The AC’s at full blast and you’re freezing.

The antidote? Your Cashmere Wrap. Slip it over your shoulders and you’ll instantly feel utterly cozy, and completely chic!

For special occasions

Linen clothing is crisp, soft, textural, and beautiful

Your cousin’s wedding? An alfresco dinner party? An outdoor graduation? The Cashmere Wrap takes away the guesswork of wondering what to wear with your special-occasion look. No more carrying a cardi, just in case. Drape your wrap around your shoulders and you’re good to go.

For cozy evenings in

A natural colored plus size linen dress

This one may take you by surprise, but trust us. Once you’ve snuggled into a Cashmere Wrap, you won’t want to take it off. You + pajamas + a Cashmere Wrap? It’s the ultimate staying-in ensemble. (We’re speaking from experience.)

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