Inherently breathable, incomparably beautiful

Linen is one of the oldest textiles on earth.
And ours is among the finest.

It comes from extra-long fibers of pure flax
and is organically sourced whenever possible.

It’s durable yet soft (and gets softer still over time).

A natural colored plus size linen dress

One of our favorite fabrics, linen starts out slightly crisp and gets oh so soft over time.
It adds great textural dimension and helps your garments retain their shape after washing.

Breathable, naturally

Linen clothing is crisp, soft, textural, and beautiful

The extra-long-staple fibers of the flax plant give linen its strength, as well as an inherent breathability and
moisture-wicking properties. It’s cooling in the summertime and provides a light layer of warmth in the winter months.

Lovely — and it lasts.

A natural colored plus size linen dress

Linen gives everything from woven tops to sweaters to dresses a luxe and lovely air. Best of all?
As the fibers continue to soften, the garment only gets better and more beautiful over time.

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