Rediscovering the classics
by Kristina Zias

It bewilders me that 67% of American women wear sizes 14 and up, yet have limited options when it comes to clothing. Statistics like this encouraged me to start talking about my confidence and my own body-positive journey.

That's what Ryllace is all about — supporting women and inspiring confidence, regardless of size.

Check out some of my favorites from their collection below... all pieces that embody my classic style!


A white button-down and a great pair of jeans could be my everyday uniform. Actually, it is. I love that it's so simple, yet classic and elevated. And depending on your accessories, it can look different every time you wear it.

In LA, the weather changes drastically with your location and the time of day. I'm always looking for a lightweight jacket I can throw over everything. This Utility Cargo Jacket is the perfect option.


Another great layering piece is this Cashmere Cocoon Duster. It's so soft and comfortable, you won't want to take it off when you get home!

One of my wardrobe essentials is a silk cami. It's the perfect layering piece. This one comes in two other colors as well!


This Boyfriend Cashmere Sweater is another great closet staple. I love the soft plum color, but if neutrals are more your thing, it also comes in black, gray, and sand.

I believe in investing in classic pieces that make you feel confident every time you wear them. What I love about all these looks from Ryllace is that they're made up of timeless pieces in luxe fabrics (like cashmere, linen, and organic cotton) that ensure longevity.

xoxo Kristina

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