TENCEL Lyocell knit
For the look, for the feel, for the planet

When you find something that works, stick with it.
That's one piece of conventional wisdom we can get behind. When we discovered the fit, the feel, and the sustainability of TENCEL Lyocell knit,
we knew it had to have a starring role in our collection.

That's why you'll find it throughout our collection, in everything from easy t-shirts to chic dresses. Here's why it's so amazing...

Moves like a dream

Smooth and strong, TENCEL Lyocell flexes with your every move and boasts a fluidity and drape like no other material we've seen. Its just-right weight and thickness is ultraflattering, giving it the versatility to suit everything from your favorite cocktail dress to your everyday tees and your go-to pj's.

Lighter on the environment

One of the most eco-friendly fibers anywhere, TENCEL Lyocell is made from the wood pulp of fast-growing, renewable eucalyptus trees using closed-loop production methods that require less water and energy than other materials.

Fits how you feel

Whether you're seeking a sleek style to accentuate your curves, a romantic and flowy silhouette for an ultrafeminine feel, or easy pj's for lounging in on Sundays, TENCEL Lyocell has all of your outfitting needs covered.

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