Spring break in LA by Nicolette Mason

A couple of weeks ago, I headed back out to the West Coast and my hometown of Los Angeles for the first time in a few months. When I had decided to move back to New York full-time, I made myself a promise that I’d still try to get to LA every 4-6 weeks. It turns out that was a little optimistic and ambitious!

Women's plus size silk camisole

Being in LA in February, right in the middle of our long winter season, was the perfect break and gave me the dose of sunshine I’d been craving. I was eager to pack my bag with some of the new spring shoes and clothes that had come into my possession, including some new essentials from Ryllace.

Women's plus size linen tunic shirt

Ryllace is a new(er) plus-size brand that I was first introduced to by Lydia Hudgens, who shot some of their launch content and campaigns. Since then, it’s been a mainstay of blogger friends like Maddy Gutierrez and Kristina Zias.

Women's plus size linen belted duster jacket

I was eager to try some of their pieces, especially because the brand favors classic silhouettes in high-quality materials (think organic-cotton tops, sustainably made denim, and lush cashmere knits). Part of my whole vibe this year and my approach to fashion has been to veer toward classic and high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time, rather than disposable, hyper-trendy styles — so their spring collection has been right up my alley!

I styled three different looks from Ryllace while I was in LA, and now I’m waiting for the temperatures to warm up a bit so I can rewear them here in NY, too!! Which is your favorite??

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