3 essential dresses for spring
by Hayet Rida

Chicago-based fashion-and-lifestyle blogger Hayet Rida is on a mission to help each and every woman love herself for who she is today. Recently she chose 3 dresses she loves for spring, and shared why they’re essential to creating a versatile wardrobe for the months ahead.

When I heard that Ryllace was launching their Spring Collection, I was really excited to pick out dresses that I could wear every day and not just for special occasions. I love my statement pieces, but great staple items make it easy to create new looks throughout the season. You can feel good and look amazing, even if you’re just doing a grocery run or meeting the girls for drinks!

1. Day-to-Night Ruched Dress

Upscale plus size t-shirt dress for all day versatility
Upscale plus size t-shirt dress for all day versatility

Every girl needs a ruched dress. I picked this one up in Washed Poppy, and wanted to show off the color and short sleeves by forgoing any accessories. What I love about this dress is that it is figure hugging without being skin tight, so you can actually breathe.

2. Linen Lantern Dress

Plus size linen dress with cocoon silhouette
Plus size linen dress with cocoon silhouette

Linen is an amazing fabric for spring and summer, as it keeps you cool and absorbs sweat. To play up the relaxed feel of the dress, I paired it with the Comfortiva Trista Sneakers in white and a DL1961 Classic Jean Jacket. I’m not a casual dresser, but with these items combined I don’t feel underdressed at all.

3. Sienna Shirtdress

Women's plus size denim casual shirtdress
Women's plus size denim casual shirtdress

A fun fact about me is that I don’t often wear jeans! To make up for this, I like to incorporate denim in my wardrobe in other ways. The Sienna Shirtdress is a really sweet option if you’re a girly girl like me who could wear dresses and skirts every day of the week but want to keep things interesting. I used a favorite belt in a contrasting color to cinch the dress at the waist.

Whatever you pick out from Ryllace this spring, be sure to include some accessories that can elevate your look, or transition between occasions. I firmly believe that when you are prepared for the season ahead, you can enjoy it with confidence, and exude the beauty you radiate from the inside out!

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