The Cashmere Wrap:
The everyday accessory that's so much more
than a scarf

At first glance it may seem odd to call a cashmere wrap an essential, but hear us out. It's so versatile — and not your average scarf. A cashmere wrap is like having your very own, very luxe blanket with you everywhere you go.

Overly air-conditioned office? Cashmere wrap. Alfresco dinner? Cashmere wrap.
Red-eye flight? Cashmere wrap. It's the answer to so many dressing dilemmas.

But how do you style it? We have some ideas...

1. Wrap it like a scarf

Simple? Yes. But with its oversized elegance and luxe look, it makes a stunning statement.

Layered with a blouse or sweater

The simplicity of our Cashmere Wrap allows it to really stand out — without overshadowing the rest of your look.

2. Drape it like a cardi or shawl

So effortless, and so lovely, the draped look is an ultrafeminine way to warm up your outfit.

With everything from knits to camis

Another reason we love it? No commitment. If you're on your way to the office or an evening out, toss it in a tote and you'll be ready for the unexpected.

3. Take it on the road

There's something so comforting about having your wrap with you on potentially chilly plane, train, or car rides.

Snuggle-up at will

Whether you're en route or lounging after a long day of travel,
your ultracozy Cashmere Wrap will make you feel at home.

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